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please add subtitles. please, please, please. I can not understand English  speech. or ... give the full text in a text file.

Great game. I finished it within half an hour, kinda wish it was longer. Keep up the great work.

Really cool style! I love the atmosphere and the audio is amazing. I would really have liked some subtitles, though. The voice over seems really central to the experience and I feel like I missed a lot since I couldn't make out half of what was said :/

I have played until you get out of the dungeon,  that starts in the cabin and leads to the end of the road. when i enter the next one and use the screens in the corner the game crashes. is that where it ends at the moment or just a bug. loved it so far! 

that's the ending of the story. thanks!


Like this style of game! come on!


Amazing!! Can't wait to see more


Too much horror, can't understand what the girl is babbling about, same gameplay.
Though interesting style.


I just played through this game today. I thought it was amazing! I'd like to see more stuff like this