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She gave me roms of all three! AND she drew a heart on the disk!! Maybe... she's just really nice? Is there a way to ask someone if they like girls without actually saying it? Or if she likes you? I'm terrible at this.

Magnetic media ROMance story / Osteobotany simulator

• 1x 32MB high-density SCO disk

• Two endings

• Lost adventure from fractured world

Includes expanded/remastered soundtrack with three unused songs and extended/alternate mixes.

~ <3 ~

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
AuthorAda Rook
Tags16-bit, Abstract, Cute, Dark Fantasy, Emulator, Female Protagonist, Gay, Lesbian, Romance, trash


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lacuna3.zip 29 MB
Lacuna III OST 58 MB


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Thank you for making the game and uploading it to the internet. There should be more people like you on the internet than there are today because then the world would be less bad imo. I think i got the good ending because it made me feel a good feeling  in my heart but i cant get the password to open the Secret. Am i stupid?? 

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i loved this game! the music really added to the atmosphere, and the soft pixel visuals are lovely <3


I've had this game for a while and never managed to beat it, but I finally got through it today and it's absolutely lovely.

Your games are so creative and wonderful; thank you so much!


the game crashes when i press x, but this was incredibly good and i love it a whole lot. it's really sweet and the wierd, haunting, surreal vibe resonates with me amazingly. the way i got the good ending the first time was a bit unexpected, but this is probably one of my favourite games of this year.

to anyone who plays this after me: don't worry about locking yourself out of the endings. any time it's possible to save you can still change what happens.


I haven't played; I found this with the randomizer. Is this from the perspective of a girl?


it is! all my games are.


You should try making a het romance game from the perspective of a boy.

Deleted 1 year ago

I did it, thanks for the encouragment!


I love it, the music, the atmosphere...

I don't know what to do after I collected enough gems so that the fog is really thick. I've talked and activated all moth statues (one after the fog, though, and it had just "NS" as reply). I thought the southeastern tower opened a sort of door or something but nothing's changed.

Also, don't know what to try as password...


Oh hye not sure if you're going to see this comment but I managed to get to the end of the game. Do you want to know or did you reach it already?


I solved it the next day. Congrats to you as well for finishing it!

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Well I got errors at both endings. So Im confused there. But I guess I can say I "beat it"? And I haven't figured out the password yet.

If it's not an error that closes the window and if you can still see the credits it's not a "real" error. As for the password, I honestly can't remember it now just that it's very obvious once you get the good ending.

Ah okay. I had a feeling it was in the good but wasn't exactly sure. Thanks!