A downloadable game for Windows

The country air is hot with fear


Fallow_demo.zip 9 MB


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An interesting game. Loved the retro art style.

this is beautiful

Unique and full of nostalgic promise.  Look forward to seeing a full release!

And....the ending as well!  Not usual for a demo to take two parts!


Really wonderful,  lovingly made grafics & atmosphere! When does the full version comes out or did you cancel the project? I hope not!

Still hold out hope that this will be expanded on in the future. I really enjoy the demo and would love to see where this would go in a longer game.

Really cool, it remainds me the old times, like old pc games.


Is this still being worked on? I keep seeing this through the years and would love to try it but wasnt sure if it was even still being worked on o rnot.

Really cool, loving the atmosphere.