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Isabelline Fallow lived with her sisters in an isolated corner of a world that had begun to forget itself. Soon, it forgot her sisters as well. Now Isabelline walks in her sleep, every morning a new road home, every morning that home a little different than she remembers it. In her dreams, a shadow twists in agony through the smoke-steeped orange sky.

  • 2-5 hours of gameplay
  • 80+ hand-drawn pixel art backgrounds
  • Explore and solve puzzles across 3 main areas and a hub world, as well as various dreamscapes and secret locations

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Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

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I know I going to get some hate from this.

I don't think the game is worth the price that is offered.

Now, hear me out.  The game is great, its simple, with simple graphics, but it's story and lore are breathtaking.  I agree, The story of this game is really well told and fits the situation your in.  But I feel $20 is way to much for this game.  The game in general can take at least 3 hours to beat, more or less.  I feel its way to much to ask for a short game.  Now, don't get me wrong, indie games these days have more power than the AAA games studios since due to all the wrong things their doing, charging too much, or using pay to win services. I am just saying that maybe lower to price so you don't follow in their footsteps.  Nevertheless your game is excellent, its really well done with a well made story and strong plot, but the price has me questionable to buy it.

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I bought the game on Steam and I have yet to play it (I will be mad if my money doesn't go to you, I don't know how Steam works lol) but I want to post that I love you and your work so so so much. I can't wait to play Fallow. But during the month of December I discovered your music and other projects and within that span of time you've not only inspired me but changed my life in so many ways. I don't know how okay you are with messages like this because I know some people who get a little uncomfy with stuff like this but thank you so much. You not only encouraged me to blast through working on my album but your music is responsible for me growing a stronger bond with my partner as well and I can't thank you enough.

Thank you, Ada. Keep up the good work, you are fucking amazing. :') This shit is sappy but I'm serious lol

Rook, you are such a talented person. I also left a message on Steam when I played this game, but I only now played your previous ones. (Except Lacuna, my laptop is buggy). The atmosphere you create is unlike any other. I’m a huge fan of places that give me this unknown and curious feeling, while also feeling comforted in this sadness. I love all of your art very much, and you deserve only the best. Never ever listen to anyone who discourages you, even though you probably already know that. Your art has really dug deep into some hidden feelings. Fallow is my most favorite game ever, I’ve consumed all content about it. I hope you have peace and love always. <3

thank u so much <3


there's a lot to say about how many meta-angles this game managed to shoot directly at my heart from but idk if i could get it all out in one go. (considering i already left a steam review and spent ages trying to piece my emotions together staring at the lines i really can't lmao)

beautiful musings on the disconnected nature of memory in the exponential decay of developmental trauma? esoteric scifi concepts?? an ergodic narrative scattered across the game files and the narration like endless dandelions cast into the wind??? girls????

speaking from my experience growing up queer and traumatised (and ignorant...) in the hellmouth of rural central alberta it took me a long time to understand just how hard this game hits for me. i can firmly remember the feeling of wandering around near sunset, seeing the transition of the dirt roads to paved and just fucking turning back.

if i dont stop here ill prolly just keep going (recursive themes are recursive, who knew) so yeah. thanks it was amazing!!!

Hyped to play this game!  I loved the demo, and have really enjoyed your other games!  However, since I have a physical copy of Fallow from 2021 that was gifted to me by a friend, and didn't buy it myself right here, I don't have the option of downloading the latest update (Version 1.5 at the time of this comment)... is there any way I can update the necessary files of my copy, or would I have to buy the game online personally to get an update?  Or does my friend have access to digital updates since they bought it, and I can just ask them?
I'm sure the version of Fallow I have runs fine, but having a few bugfixes (or at least knowing what bugs I need to watch out for) would be a relief.

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hey, thanks so much! if you email me through my website (linked on my main itch page) i'll send you the update.


an astonishingly deep work about family, trauma and intimacy. it's rare to find art that so deftly portrays the difficulties those who have been abused and ostracized face connecting even with each other. this is a game rich with that sorrow, and spoke to a deep part of me that has felt Fallow since i was very young.

if that describes you as well, take heart. this game's thematic conclusion may imply that the intimacy you crave will forever be out of reach, but it isn't true. trauma makes things hard, yes, and ada rook certainly understands that better than many, but true connection is not impossible. even if the walls trauma has built around you seem impenetrable, they can be dismantled. it is possible to heal.

i didn't know that ada rook had a background as a professional musician until i'd almost finished the game but it certainly comes through in the game's impeccably tense, aching and beautiful soundtrack. and the sealed door provides access to almost an entire additional game, a wide and bewildering world where dreams, memories and the physical interweave to add incredible depth to isabelline's already breathtaking, heartbreaking story. don't neglect to find the combination. (there's no secret ending in there though, at least not one that i found)

my only criticism of the game is that some of the puzzles are too hard, the answers gated behind unintuitive tricks and secrets. if you find yourself stuck in alburn manor, remember that the direction of your movements also matters.

i can't recommend this game enough to anyone queer and/or trans, anyone who's ever felt like they didn't fit in the world, anyone who's been abused in the broad sense or the specific sense. just be aware that the ending might awaken a pain in you that you thought you'd forgotten. ideally, play it with someone you love.


Found this randomly one miserable afternoon having never heard of the developer or this game. Picked it up cause I vibed with the screenshots and trailer and wow I don't regret a single moment I spent on this. One of those works that just takes a lot of shit I've been feeling and puts it into words way better than I've been able to. The sprite work and soundtrack are impeccable throughout. This beats the pants off of any triple a title trying to be human and I can't recommend it highly enough


I can't say enough about how absorbing this game's world and atmosphere are. The game steers between this kind of beautiful melancholy, nostalgia that hurts a bit, and desperate grief. It's bleak, but never too oppressive to be interesting. This is some of Rook's best writing in my opinion, the sprite work is gorgeous (I mean just look at it), and the variety and depth of the moods the soundtrack brings are just astounding. Well worth the wait <3 


I posted a review on steam already, but I might as well say here that this game was great. I love horrory games that are more about what they make you think rather than just trying to scare you in the moment, and this game deffo fits that catagory! I know there must be another ending behind the Sealed Door, but honestly I feel pretty satisfied with the ending I got already. It feels like a very fitting conclusion to the story, all things considered.

Very well done! ^w^

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Fantastic melancholic game with wonderful visuals and such great music and sound design that brings everything to life. I love the concepts and terms used throughout the story to describe everything. Also, the little complicated animations sprinkled in here and there adds so much character. Just lovely.


This game rocked thank you so much! Definitely one of the best and most unique RPG maker horrors around, and the soundtrack is ofc incredible


happy belated and thanks for continuing to create


Runs on Linux in Wine, on my system the Lutris default did not work and I set it to use the system Wine.

A settings menu would be nice. I was not able to get it full-screen on the monitor I wanted, so I played in windowed mode. Alt+Enter toggles full-screen.

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wow. it took me a long time, got the main(?) ending and think i'll do the other one tomorrow night. i just wanted to say thank you for this. the visuals. the music. the emotions.

do you ever dive into a piece of media and just... feel like elements or lines have come straight from your own brain? that's how i felt about this game. really really good - i'm not sure really how to put it into words. thank you. i felt like the angle this piece of art is coming from... gets me. gets *to* me


Honestly, this looks amazing, but I don't if I can justify the AU $25+ for a 2/maybe 4 hour or so game. I certainly don't wanna sound cheap, but that does seem a tad stiff in pricing. I don't know, not necessarily a complaint, just something I wanted to point out and be mindful of. If the game was longer, like say, 8 or 10 hours or something, then yeah, I could probably justify the price tag.


lame comment

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You know what else is a lame comment? Blankly just saying 'lame comment' without any context or constructive rhetoric.


Hey there - My reasoning for the price is that I spent about 7 years working on Fallow and getting it to a place that I feel very confident about, and I don't see length as a significant indicator of a game's quality or worth. The game will definitely go on sale at some point, so maybe consider grabbing it then?


Fair, and I get where you're coming from. I may not agree, but I'll respect your right to the views you have. And as I said, it looks fair-out beautiful and amazing. :)


a 5 hour movie is not strictly better than a 2 hour movie

a 2 hour album is not better than a 30 minute album

a 40 hour game is not strictly better than a 3 hour game.

Valuing content over quality is strictly a video game idea. Sometimes long games are great and infinitely replayable ones are also nice but I feel like it becomes more difficult to sell games which are more artistic and story driven and less focused on gameplay. 

Your argument is that longer games are more valuable and should fetch a higher price tag, yet you haven't indicated a single reason why. If you think a longer game is more fufilling, may I ask why that may be? If length indicates the quality of work or the amount of work, you have already disproven yourself by saying "this game looks amazing" and ms. Rook has worked on this for over 7 years. I personally don't see value in a longer game because there is nothing a longer game has than a shorter game can't have


this mentality is destroying indie gaming. measuring worth in quantity of experience over quality makes no sense when it comes to art.


YES. It really is people like this who will walk up to you and tell you that your work is worth less than you think. Shit opinion, keep it to yourself.

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Then don't fucking buy it. And DON'T EVER tell artists that their work isn't worth the price they're asking for. Do us all a favor and keep your opinion to yourself next time, thanks.


So, I'm sorry if I've upset anyone, but I also feel, a lot of these responses are kinda, classist, in a way. Look, I'm not saying they can't change what they want, they can, but having a product this expensive also limits people who can buy it. And while I also do know there is some debate about cost of products in and lengths in video games, I still do think it's a conversation that is warranted. I mean not to arrogant, intentionally at least, but I've bought games on here for far less that have had longer lengths; where they good? Well, that's a matter of taste. I guess it's just something developers need to consider or be aware of, that is all. :)

I've gotten the same ending multiple times now. I see in forums people talking about a sealed door, which I have yet to find. Can anyone help me? Where is the door?

Anyone have advice on how to open the basement door in the Alburn Manor? I've wandered around for an hour and I'm completely stuck. The lights are on and I have the valve from the skids.


literally the triangle you find in the study

 how did you turn on the lights? i'm turned on that in the hallway, but then it goes off

just beat the game.. you’ve made something truly beautiful and it was worth the wait. it rendered me speechless…. cannot wait to recieve the physical edition 


Really excited to play this!


I loooooove the limited color palett


anyone know all 4 symbols for the sealed door? i only got 2 so far, the triangle and the u.

any luck yet? im a bit stumped as well


A slip of paper in the barrel from the intro section has some symbols, but I must be missing something because there are six symbols (five of which are possible to enter), and the lock takes four.


the note doesnt have anything to do with it, trust me i tried, vie found 2 secret areas that show u one of the symbols, u need to find 2 other ons. the ones i found are when u press the down button on the elevator 10 times and the other is down the hatch behind the house with the fuses

posted about it on steam forum, i solved it with the help of someone else


This looks great!