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Ooh, ouch. Good atmosphere.

There's a missing tile in the second to last room! Made me think there might be an alternate ending... but there wasn't, it's just hellfire all the way down.

very neat little game poem Rook

I got a shiver down my spine while playing this. Great atmosphere!

this is good!! i like how mysterious it all felt and the kind of horror of it all

How do you do text effects in Bitsy? And add music?

the text effects were built in in the version i used. music isn't supported, which is why i just linked a youtube video of the audio to play in the background

I'm not sure if I am missing sth but is it correct that the thingies one interacts with only say one line? I can see a little arrow telling me to read further but idk how to do it? But it does make sense going through the game with just reading that. Very eerie... poor girl. <3

that's correct, it's just how bitsy handles dialog boxes. thank you for playing!

Np! Gotta play it again anyhow with the music. I like the minimal visuals and text. Great job! :)